Bentonite, the miraculous mineral of the civilizations throughout the ages, has become the indispensable part of all primary sectors. Bentonite used for montmorillonite- mineral-based clays; is formed with a soft colloidal aluminum hydro silicate with at least 85% montmorillonite.  It is a clay mineral which can be swollen by water for industrial purpose, activated by acid, thickening of drilling muds and showing wide surface area. What makes Bentonite indispensable is its chemical and physical composition. Although bentonite used for various purposes throughout our civilization history is abundant in the world, there are two basic locations in terms of industrial use. United States / Wyoming bentonite fields and Turkey / Reşadiye-Hittite bentonite fields.

Bentonite, which is obtained in these two places with the most natural bentonite deposits in the world, has equal technical features. This advantage has made both countries leaders of both natural bentonite and added bentonite markets in the world. Our group company was founded in 1989 as a marketing company of our reserves affiliated to Samas Industrial Mining Inc. with the awareness of our strength, value and reality of the fact that Wyoming reserves which have been operating since 1800 's are about to come to the end. According to the reports prepared by General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration, the total amount of our reserves is 200.000 million tons. As Karben, our annual production amount is 150.000 tons. We provide reliable and qualified products in accordance with international (API & OCMA) and national (TSE).

As Karben Bentonite Industry Mining Chemical R&D NANO Tech. Industry and Trading Inc. our uninterrupted market leadership especially in the continental Europe and Middle East markets as Non-treated Sodium Bentonite producer (Non-treated Sodium Bentonite) continues since our establishment. As Karben Bentonite, we offer different options to our customers with our modified bentonite varieties that we have developed in our R & D laboratories. Especially our range of products we focus on is;

• Natural Bentonite,
• OCMA Grade Bentonite,
• Processed Bentonite (Treated Bentonite),
• Modified Bentonite,
• Drilling Industry Bentonite,
• Iron Casting Bentonite,
• Iron Dust Palletization Bentonite,
• Construction Bentonite,
• Cement Industry Bentonite,
• Waste Water and Treatment Facility Bentonite,
• Paint Industry Bentonite,
• Paper Industry Bentonite,
• Manure and animal feed Bentonite,
• Margarine and Fluid Illumination Bentonite,
• Cat Litter Bentonite,

As Karben Bentonite, our market depth at the point of production and sale of bentonite and related chemicals oblige us to continually improve ourselves. The investment we have made in scientific and human resources of our R & D laboratories is our greatest strength. The biggest factors providing our success are our two major storage areas, our logistical advantages, and our expert and experienced staff besides our relationships with our customers. We carry the responsibility of being a leader with our uncompromising approach to the Occupational Health and Safety processes that international quality management processes play from production in our factory to delivery. Today, Karben Bentonite exports about 78% of its annual output. Our goal is to continue our leadership regarding natural bentonite in the modified bentonite market as well. Our scientific studies in this area are continuing.

Karben Bentonite is a supplier of a large number of international companies as it meets the needs of many important strategic investors and producers with constant high quality production. Karben Bentonite perfectly holds flawless product supply in time with pure Bentonite, which has all the features that the customers need in their projects, as being duly to the production of special prescription products provided for the important projects.

Our goal is to grow everyday by offering the best quality timely with optimum prices to our customers as the supplier of our hinterland's leading bentonite producer, using the best logistics and high quality product advantages we have.

Since the day we established, we systematically met the demands to domestic bentonite products and especially the drilling chemicals; which will make us pride of contributing to the serious rate of decrease in import rate.

As Karben Bentonite, we continue to our social responsibility projects with awareness of the fact that we are responsible for human being and nature. Our main philosophy is to convey our company to future generations. It will be an honor to see you in Karben family as well.


Yours Sincerely,
KARBEN Bentonite Industry Mining Chemical R&D NANO Tech. Industry and Trading Inc.


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