Environment Policy

As Karben Bentonite Industry Mining Chemical R&D NANO Tech. Industry and Trading Inc. we conduct all of our activities in accordance with the environmental laws of the countries as well as the basic principles set out in the framework of international agreements, standards, initiatives and local legislation on environmental management, in particular the United Nations Global Compact.

Our principles are

• To control and reduce the effects of our activities on environment with scientific methods.
• To contribute to projects that will support sustainable development.
• Use emergency and environmental risk management at the highest level in our entire organization.
• To use leading technology in environmental systems.
• To protect/save energy, water and natural resources through the use of new environmental technology,
• To  implement our environmental procedures in an auditable manner that can be audited by independent audit firms.
• To ensure the original conditions and efficiency of our fields during and after our activities.
• To establish decision mechanisms to prevent accidents arising from natural phenomena and to integrate our emergency response plans into fixing and preventive measures.
• Inspect our documented Environmental Management System in certain periods and make improvements.
• Aims to protect environment and biodiversity against climate change, emissions, waste disposal.
• To convey environmental management culture and turn it into a way of life by giving 'Environmental Education Trainings' within the framework of continuous improvement of subcontractors, contractors, consultants, suppliers and their employees as well as our employees.

As Karben Chemistry Energy Mining Industry and Trading Inc., we are responsible for the protection and development of the environment.


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