Legal and Commercial Matters

Karben Bentonite Industry Mining Chemical R&D NANO Tech. Industry and Trading Inc. was founded to market the world's best natural bentonite and chemicals. In this context;

Our Principles are;

• To provide a reliable and competitive product to our customers.
• Quality is the base of our growth.
• Following of technological developments by expert and experienced staff closely for our customers in order to meet our customer's increasing and changing demand every day and to increase the quality.
• Depending on our corporate identity and targets based on constant development, we have been organized in a way that will fulfill the requirements of the standards of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which functions in all of our units,
• To closely follow and apply technological developments related to our expertise areas,
• To fulfill customers' requests / orders in accordance with the commitments at the scheduled time and under the prevailing conditions,
• Customer satisfaction and continuity of the quality of our products,
• To be a company that respects the values ​​of national and international societies at all levels,
• To consider the opinions and suggestions of our employees and encourage them to work in teams,
• To emphasize on training and teamwork for our employees so that they use their individual skills at the highest level,
• Not to avoid the investment that will contribute to the operation of our system and improve the system.


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