Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Our most important asset is our employees. Depending on the value we give to them, the health and safety of our employees and our components are indispensable for senior management at Karben Bentonite Industry Mining Chemical R&D NANO Tech. Industry and Trading Inc. in terms of quality and business productivity of our company.

Our Principles,

• It is our basic priority to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees,
• To fulfill all of our legal obligations laid down in national and international business laws and regulations,
• To share the results of occupational health and safety improvements with our stakeholders and to spread the systems,
• To remove the risk of Occupational Health and Safety of our employees and stakeholders and to work to prevent zero injuries, occupational diseases and occupational accidents,
• To determine the necessary Occupational Health and Safety equipment, infrastructure and working environment and to ensure maximum needs,
• To create and maintain a safe working environment,
• Periodic checks of performance of our machinery and equipment,
• To eliminate the hazards with the participation of all employees for our zero work accident target,
• To raise awareness of all employees including the senior management, practically with theoretical training in order to ensure the effective application and continuity of Occupational Health and Safety within our company.


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