Our History

Developmental Milestones

• In 1952, Tokat-Reşadiye Bentonite Site Licenses were obtained.

• In 1954, SAMAŞ Inc. was established for field operations.

• In 1955 (May 14), the first pit ceremony was held with the participation of national and local authorities.

• In 1955 (July 18), the first Bentonite reserve was reached.

• In 1955 (November 7), first sale first excitement.

• In 1959, Inc. field management buildings have been renewed.

• In 1987, the head office of Samaş Inc. was moved to Ankara.

• In 1989, Karben Bentonite Inc. was established to manage marketing and international operations.

• First export and the first excitement was the export of natural bentonite to France from Samsun Port.

• In 2011, we were Samsun Port's third largest exporter.

• In 2015, our first overseas export was to Brazil from Mersin Port.

• In 2015, the number of countries we exported products has reached to 143.


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