Detox Effect of Bentonite

12.6.2018 16:22:04

Diluted bentonite is a very thin, colloidal volcanic ash form, which is 500 times smaller than water molecules and is each composed of negatively charged micro-molecules.

By entering places where water cannot even enter these molecules, they saturate blood and body fluids and act as millions of micro-magnets that capture and neutralize positively charged toxins trapped in the deep tissues and tissues of the body. The neutralized toxins are then transported to the blood-excretion organs.


A single molecule of bentonite can absorb toxin at a weight of 200 times its own weight and does not cause any chemical reaction in the body as it is completely mechanical. Top quality liquid bentonite is made of montmorillonite.


A tablespoon of bentonite mixed into a glass of water, taken 2-3 times daily, provides the necessary dose for most detoxification programs. You can double this dose in case of heavy tissue and blood contamination.


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