Karben Bentonit at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

4.9.2018 17:19:16

Our International Business Partners are at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant…

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which will be the Turkey’s First Nuclear Power Plant, is also a large construction project. The power plant, where pure natural bentonite will be used intensively for sealing, incorporates the first implementation of many features.

Nuclear Energy, which is used by the majority of the world’s strongest economies will come to life for the first time in Turkey with Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

Technical Specifications of Akkyu Nuclear Power Plant;

  • Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be built by the State Nuclear Energy Corporation ROSATOM, Russia
  • Cost of the Nuclear Power Plant will be about 20 billion dollars
  • Turkish Companies will realize about 35-40% of the project
  • Turkish Companies will create 6-8 billion dollars added value in the economy
  • As a direct contribution to employment, 10,000 people will be employed in the peak period
  • Indirect employment will be a multitude of direct employment.
  • Total Power Capacity of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be 4,800 MW (There will be 4 units of 1,200 MW)
  • Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will meet approximately 10% of Turkey’s energy demand.
  • Akkuyu NPP will have an electricity generation capacity of 35 billion kV/h when it starts to operate with full capacity.
  • It is estimated that the first unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be commissioned and start to generate electricity in 2023. It is planned to commission other units with 1-year intervals.

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