We are at İstanbul Airport…

4.9.2018 17:29:18

Istanbul 3rd Airport, which will be the biggest airport in the world, incorporates the first implementation of many features. The airport, which is one of the largest construction projects in the world with its 2.5 billion m3 filling area; will have a capacity of 150 million passengers per year and an estimated cost of 10 billion 247 million euros.

Karben Bentonit is proud to be a part of this gigantic project, in which Pure Sodium Bentonite will be used during the construction. The fact that large amounts of our product, the quality of which is globally approved, will be used in this gigantic and strategic project, has also enabled us to test our on-time delivery and logistics capabilities.


Technical Specifications of the Project

• The size of the airport area is 76.5 million m2

• The amount of iron and steel to be used in the construction is 350 thousand tons

• Aluminum material is 10 thousand tons

• 4 separate terminal buildings, 3 technical blocks and air traffic control towers, 8 control towers

• 6 runways, 16 taxiways, 500 aircraft parking capacity

• Indoor and outdoor parking area of  70,000 vehicle capacity

• Total annual passenger capacity of 4 stages is 150 million

• Airport apron size of the 3rd airport is 6.5 million m2

• Tender filling area is 2.5 billion m3

• In the first stage, annual passenger capacity is 80 million

• Daily passenger capacity 411 thousand

• The number of people to work at the airport is 120 thousand 


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