Construction Bentonite

As the main supplier to mega construction projects in the world, Karben is the leader in the field of construction bentonite products. Thanks to its pure, homogeneous and natural structure, our construction bentonite provides efficient and precise solutions for long life structures, sealing pads and impermeable wall constructions, impermeable building wall constructions and load-resistant building walls, fore pile applications, TBMs, injection processes.


Advantages we provide:

• When Karben Construction Bentonite is involved in cement grout or mortar, during the mixing and injection, the cement particles and sand are held in suspension to ensure that the mortar is stable.        It minimizes the decomposition of water in cement water mixture.
• Karben Construction Bentonite increases the rate of fine-grained alluvium population when mixed with cement grout. Thus, cement failure is prevented. Karben Bentonite mixtures behave like a fluid, when mixing is stopped, a homogeneous hardening occurs and high strengths are gained. It is resistant to chemical effects and groundwater.
• Karben Construction Bentonite increases the strength of the mixture when slurry with Karben bentonite at a rate of 6%  is injected to green sand.
• Karben Bentonite mixtures are not affected by sulfate salts. If salt and lime are found in abundant amounts in underground waters, good results are obtained when used with phosphate or silicates.
• when sodium silicate is added at 5% to slurry with Karben Bentonite, gelation starts quickly  after injection.
• The use of clay-cement slurry for filling large cavities increases the ability of the syrup to penetrate and suspend if natural Karben Bentonite is added in small quantities.
• Karben Construction Bentonite cement-water mixtures can also be used for injection of alluvium with a permeability less than 10-1 cm / sec as using chemical additives.
• Karben Construction Bentonite acts as a lubricant in works such as submerging dubs, sliding curtains and foundation piles, and reducing friction.
• Karben Construction Bentonite is mixed with water at 1/1 ratio to cover the cracks formed in the walls to prevent water leakage, as being troweled and tarred.
• Karben Construction Bentonite can be used to fill cracks by being mixed with an organic  waste such as sand kerosene. When the gaseous mixture comes into contact with water, it converts water into a thick and strong gel.
• A mixture containing 5% Karben Construction Bentonite is pumped into the crack with a special injection pump as a solution to invisible cracks.

Karben Construction Bentonite used in numerous construction projects in Turkey and in the world due to its technical competence and values, is the only bentonite used in Eurasia Tunnel  and  Marmaray projects.


Note: Marsh hunisi, viskozite, PH, süzüntü hacmi, çamur yoğunluğu ve filtre keki değerlerine sahip projeye özel bentonit ürünlerimiz için lütfen teknik departmanımızı arayınız.

Note: Please call our technical department for our project-specific bentonite products with different marsh funnel, viscosity, PH, filtrate bulk, sludge density and filter cake values.


• API 13 A Section 9
• API 13 A Section 10
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 9
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 10
• TS EN 1536
• TS EN 1538


• 50-kg kraft paper bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• Bulk trailer


• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:
• • Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.
• • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards are an exactly adapted version of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.


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