Drilling Industry Bentonite

In the drilling industry, bentonites are used for deep wells, oil and water drilling, to move the crushed materials on the soil layers, to reduce the friction by forming a film layer on the inner surface of the well, and to increase the abrasion resistance of the piercing tips.

Bentonite has a role in the drilling industry with its two fundamental characteristics:

• Rheological Properties: Visible Viscosity, Sludge Conversion and Flow Resistance

• Water Loss

For bentonites to be used in this industry, API Spect 13 / A, TS EN ISO 13500 and TSE 977 standards are applied.

The tasks of drilling mud in oil drilling can be classified as follows:

• To take out the claws out of the well,
• To cool mats,
• To prevent collapses in the well,
• To balance the formation pressure,
• To lubricate the drilling pipes, walls of the well, the retaining pipes,
• To keep crumbs and sand particles suspended, prevent accumulation in wells, if drilling is stopped
• To prevent rusting,
• To lighten the weight of the storage pipes and drilling pipes.

Bentonite mud, which has to fulfill the functions indicated above, is essential for drilling economics due to its low cost. The amount of bentonite used in the drilling mud depends on the depth of the well, its diameter, the characteristics of the formation, sludge leaks, etc.

One of the factors that increase the cost of the mud is the treatment of the water bentonite mixture, since the amount of added chemical substances is directly related to the physical properties of the bentonite.


Advantages we provide:

• Karben Bentonite keeps the bumps in the drilling mud suspended due to its high viscosity and gel-making property, thus it prevents formation of fractures in the well and trapping the drill.
• Karben Bentonite provides effective well cleansing by reducing the shear rates of formation sections within the drilling mud.
• Karben Bentonite provides well immobilization (permanence) by forming a solid and smooth plaster in the well wall with its high plastering property.
• Karben Bentonite performs a proper lubrication function in the well, drill and drilling line due to its slippery property.
• Karben Bentonite prevents the penetration of gas and fluids which may cause formation into the well.
• Karben Bentonite prevents rusting which can occur on drilling and drilling sequences.
• Karben Bentonite ensures that aggravating substances in the drilling mud are retained in suspension as preventing water leaks.

Note: For our project-specific bentonite products with viscosity, filtration and pour point, please contact our technical department.


• API 13 A Section 9
• API 13 A Section 10
• API 13 A Section 11
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 9
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 10
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 11
• TS 977 Tip 2


• 50-kg kraft paper bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• Bulk trailer


• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:                   

• • Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.
• • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards are an exactly adapted version of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.


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