Iron Casting Bentonite

The western American type Sodium Bentonite, produced only by Karben in European Continent, is found to be less abundant in the earth and can swell 26 to 32 times dry volume with the addition of water, contributes to mold sand properties in the casting industry and has a high dry and hot compressive strength so it is highly preferred in production. The greatest feature of this product is that its crystal structure is less degraded and the reduction in binding properties is limited compared to Calcium Base Bentonites when exposed to high heat loads or high melting temperatures. Thanks to this high heat resistance, the production on the molding lines can be protected by adding less bentonite and sand. In this case, a large amount of moisture is reduced, resulting in decrease of high moisture-induced production defects. In addition to these, the costs are reduced due to the low usage of waste due to low usage.


Advantages we provide:

• Karben Bentonite provides a reduction in sand casting mistakes.
• Karben Bentonite has high wet tensile strength.
• Karben Bentonite has a high liquid limit.
• Karben Bentonite prevents agglomeration in the molding line.
• Karben Bentonite achieves the desired compressibility value with less water.
• Karben Bentonite provides thermal stabilization at high temperature.
• Less use of bentonite can be achieved with Karben bentonite.
• Karben Bentonite provides high quality casting production

Note: Please contact our technical department for castings for special cast bentonite products with wet strength, dry compressive strength, fire damage, swelling, methylene blue and thermal resistance values.


• TSE 5360


• 50-kg kraft paper bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• bulk trailer


• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:
• • Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.
• • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards are an exactly adapted version of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.


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