Margarine and Fluid Illumination Bentonite

Untreated sodium bentonite with high purity and 75 micron (200 mesh screen) is particularly used as a binder and rheological modifier. It is used as a clarifier in aqueous systems and as an adsorptive agent in non-aqueous environmental systems. The plainness of bentonite is very important when it is used in the food industry. Our company keeps its sensitivity on this issue.


Advantages we provide:

• Karben Bentonite is a natural bentonite packaged with chemical reserves suitable for the oil industry.
• Karben Bentonite prevents the increase in free fatty acids because of the high amount of pure, pure and variable cation.
• Karben Bentonite prevents oxidation.
• Karben Bentonite helps reduce of the peroxide value of oil.
• Karben Bentonite purifies and clarifies some foreign substances causing turbidity with the ability to trap and collects heavy metals in the oil.
• Karben Bentonite is used in the treatment of oils and fats to eliminate impurities in the oil, where adsorptive properties are important. (Soya / Palm / Canola oil)
• Karben Bentonite is used as a clarifying agent in all kinds of liquids like mineral water and products such as sugar or honey.

• 50-kg kraft paper bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• bulk trailer

• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:
• • Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.


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