Non-Treated Bentonite

Non-Treated bentonite, which has reserves in only two places (Wyoming / USA- Reşadiye / TR) with high technical analysis values ​​in the world, is distinguished from other reserves in the world by this feature. Finding and removing natural bentonite with such high values ​​also requires a separate attention and cost. As Karben, we take our power from unique and natural Reshadiye / Hittite Bentonite. The fact that our reserve territories are the most valuable and the biggest of Europe makes us active and powerful in the markets.


Properties of Natural Reshadiye / Hittite Bentonite

It is a compatible clay mineral with API 13A Part 10 (Non-treated bentonite) standards. It includes sodium  and contains at least 90% montmorillonite. It is completely natural, it does not contain any additives. It has high swelling capacity. (25 to 30 times the volume) It is suitable for TS EN 13500 Unprocessed Bentonite Specifications. It is suitable for TS 977 Type- 2 standards. It disperses easily when mixed with water and does not clump.

Analiz Değerleri


Physical Features

600 d/d reading at Fan 35 viscometer

30 min.

Amount of Filtration

12,5 cc max.


80 bbl. min.


% 10 max. (percentage by weight)

Wet sieve analysis 200 Mesh (75 mic.) over sieve

% 2,5 max. (percentage by weight)

Yield point plastic viscosity ratio (Yp/Pv)

1,5 max.

Disperse plastic viscosity (conditioned with 5 ml. Sodium hexametaphosphate into 350 ml of mixture at room temperature)

10 cp min.

Ratio of Conditioned Yp/Pv to normal Yp/ Pv  (Conditioning is carried out under pressure of 200 psi, at 345O F for 16 hours under dynamic conditions and cooled at room temperature.)


1,5 min.

Ratio of normal Yp / Pv to disperse Yp / Pv (Dispersions are measured in mixture prepared with 3% H2O2)

3 max.



Chemical Features


= 61.28 %


= 17.79 %


= 3,01 %


= 4,54 %


= 2.70 %


= 2.10 %


= 1.24 %



Advantages it provides:

For Drilling Mud Production

• Due to its high viscosity and gel making properties, it provides retention of the agglomerates of the the drilling slurry in suspension.
• It ensures effective well cleaning by reducing slip speeds of cuts in the slurry.
• It provides a stable and well-formed paste in the well wall and stabilizes the well with its high plastering property.
• Due to its slippery property, it performs a very good lubricating function in the well, drill and drilling line.

For underground works

• Ensures that cementing operations are permanent and robust during short wall constructions, injection operations, lowering of the containment piping and tunnel operations. In the cementation process, cement is allowed to mix only with sodium montmorillonite, unmixed bentonite. Bentonite is not used for this purpose because it is very difficult to process the floors due to viscosity increase.
• It provides low-cost impermeability with slurry trench application in injection molding and underground curtain constructions.
• In small quantities, KAR-BEN natural bentonite enables the preparation of suspensions with high viscosity.In alluvial excavations and similar Works, the target can be reached with starter speed of 40 sec / viscous with 45 kg / m3 KAR-BEN suspension for up to 2 hours of inflation.

In costruction sector it is used for

• Construction of cut-off walls and impermeable walls.
• Impervious building wall construction.
• Load-resistant building walls.


• API 13 A Section 9
• API 13 A Section 10
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 9
• TS EN ISO 13500 Section 10
• TS EN 1536
• TS EN 1538

• 50-kg kraft paper bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• Bulk trailer

• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:
• • Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.
• • TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) standards are an exactly adapted version of American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.


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