Paint Industry Bentonite

Alkali bentonites are used in paints, enamels, printing inks, oil paints because they have the characteristic of absorbing colors and dyes and are fine grained enough to form a continuous suspension. Appropriate results are obtained by mixing 1 unit of bentonite in 20 units of water together with the addition of chalk to give the desired viscosity in watery and whitewashed. 5% bentonite is also added to improve the suspension properties of the oil dyes. Sodium bentonites are the reason for preference in the paint industry because they have the ability to form suspensions continuously and in high speed.


Advantages we provide
• Karben Bentonite is a very good thickener due to the suspension properties of bentonite in water based coatings and coatings and the thickening properties of pigments and fillers.
• Karben Bentonite has excellent thixotropy to reduce sedimentation and dripping.
• Karben Bentonite provides low shear viscosity and prevents collapse.
• Karben Bentonite is used to solve slow-drying and stain-forming inks. We generally recommend starch suspended in white bentonite suspension to solve the problem.


• 25 – 50-kg bag (with pallet and without pallet)
• 1000-1200-kg bigbag
• Bulk trailer


• Samsun Port
• Fatsa Port
• Mersin Port
• İzmir Port
• Reşadiye Bunker
• Ankara Bunker

Important note:
• Please obtain technical information from our R & D laboratory according to the product characteristic you produce.


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