Why Karben Group INC Bentonit?

Companies and organizations that make a rightful name in their sectors and produce large-scale production demand firstly the companies from which they supply goods.


Our customers that we supply materials are among the well-known companies in the world. It is clear that these large companies continue to create added value in the short, medium and long term and continue to produce the most competitive and sustainable products especially for their customers in the long term, to develop and evaluate their productions in a competitive manner, and so on.


Sustainable standard service and product supply, superior quality standards, competitive prices, long-term contracts to guarantee the price, material delivery deadlines, strategic goods supply KARBEN GROUP INC.


KARBEN GROUP INC. Bentonite sells 89.76% of its annual production abroad. This is really a success story. Many domestic and foreign companies, organizations, before the goods supply agreement, our factory and visit our production sites, completes the agreement.


The most important issue, especially especially our large-scale customers, we want to understand that we have started to understand very well.


Good understanding and respect for all of our customers' values, and then solve the part of our needs in the most comfortable way. Here we say that it is very important. Even in a global world, that many foreign companies started to invest in Turkey's borders, by investing in these partnerships plant, we know what they want to increase their market share.


KARBEN GROUP INC. Bentonite will be prioritizing all basic requirements of domestic and foreign, multinational companies, in which goods are supplied, in addition to technological and capacity increase investments that will be sustained in short, medium and long term. We know very well what these are in detail. Our findings, which are important in this regard, are the subjects that we know clearly and know how to do business after detailed research and determination, from the companies in which we are supplier of technology to the companies that supply project based goods.


And we are happy to state that KARBEN GROUP INC is able to understand and understand the expectations of the companies with whom we are a supplier of Bentonite for their sustainable long-term development.


In addition, KARBEN GROUP INC. Bentonite is a strategic partner in the business priorities of its partners. This is KARBEN GROUP INC. It is a facility that Bentonite is a strategic supplier of goods to companies.


In addition, KARBEN GROUP INC Bentonite has started preparations to support the projects related to the use of BENTONITE in order to support the projects related to the use of BENTONITE and to carry out a project with a huge magnitude. In addition, Turkey will continue its contacts with the Atomic Energy Agency and the TÜBİTAK inspection will be carried out this large-scale project as very participatory. In this regard, it is planned to establish an R & D Laboratory of national and international universities, inter-national organizations private companies and organizations, in order to meet all the needs of bentonite and later minerals, in the geography of which no country has yet.


KARBEN GROUP INC. These undeniable social responsibility projects continue to be implemented by the foundations established by Bentonite and some of its bosses.


In addition to all these, KARBAN GROUP INC Bentonite v.ınternational Nuclear Summit participated as the only Bentonite manufacturers to the summit and the short, medium and long term, which will be held in the Republic of TURKEY, 4 nuclear power plants, as a result of starting the production that you have to manage their waste at certain times faced seriously by the fact that and, as the owner of the huge Non-Treated sodium bentonite reserves, which can be used for the extraction of lead metal in projects developed for nuclear power plants. Our world is cleaner and our children is aware of the duty to contribute to this clean world in front of everything is a duty.


KARBEN GROUP INC. Bentonite National projection, the Ministry of Economy and Energy, all of the old technology machinery and systems using energy, approximately 3 billion dollars annually spent unnecessary energy and the State-Private sector and social economic academic platforms, awareness raising and valuation of all sectors and contributed to reduce energy consumption by renewed technologies and environment friendly production projections by at least 11-15%.


In addition to these, it will give scholarship and internship opportunity to the students who are planning to do career planning, including the most equipped, large and detailed laboratories to be established in their geography, including the R & D of the companies that supply the materials on an international scale. Both in know-how and project stakeholders, we are looking forward to cooperating with everyone who is open and sharing.


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